Friday, January 23, 2015

Finally, some news!

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Well, I finally have some news on the surrogacy front. My IM had a meeting with the RE and she (the RE) felt the transfer failed due to the frozen donor eggs. She said everything on my part looked wonderful (whew!) and that after our failed transfer, she called around to other SHER clinics and found that no one had any success with the frozen eggs from World Bank. I just wish she'd called them before the transfer!

So they've decided to go with a fresh donor, one the clinic has worked with before. In her previous donations they've been able to harvest 28 eggs in one cycle and 35 in the next. What an overachiever! Both transfers have resulted in pregnancies, and both in twins!

Unfortunately, the egg donor was not currently on birth control pills so they couldn't get our cycles synced in time for a February transfer. And the clinic doesn't do transfers in March as that's the month they do maintenance and cleaning. So we are on the schedule for mid April. This means I stay on active birth control pills and will start Lupron in mid March. I don't have a schedule yet.

But since we will be doing a fresh donation and fresh transfer it seems like the odds are stacked far more in our favor. I'm very hopeful about our chances. And, though I will miss the WHC conference in Atlanta due to timing, it's actually not a bad time to get pregnant. I won't be huge through the hot summer months, and will be able to attend a smaller conference I've been asked to speak at in September. It does rule out traveling for Christmas though. Guess we'll be staying home this year, but for a great cause.

I'm excited to move forward, but not psyched about what seems like a very long wait. However, it looks like my daughter and grandsons will be moving in for a couple of months about mid-March while her husband trains for a new career field. That will certainly help pass the time. And with any luck, my son will be home to visit before he deploys in April. Trying to get everything done work wise and the house baby proofed again should make February fly by.

Thanks for keeping up with me. ;)


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  1. Picture me at the end of that pier with you. Surros in waiting. I love checking in on your blog because I know we're in similar places with our journeys. I'm now standing by for a May transfer (hopefully). Fingers crossed for you in April. :)