Thursday, February 5, 2015

Got my schedule!

Had a phone appointment with my Nurse Coordinator today. She sent through my super color coordinated med and appointment schedule. Looks like I start Lupron March 14th. I don't mind the Lupron shots. They go in your tummy, but they don't hurt. She also wanted me to schedule another fluid ultrasound before starting the Lupron. I guess it's routine to check for polyps after every cycle, but I've never had a polyp before in my life. Surely I would have started getting them by now if I was going to? But the appointment is made! March 2nd I'll breeze down to St. Louis bright and early in the morning to get my fluid ultrasound.

The receptionist thought she was doing me a favor by offering me the "late" appointment--9:15am. And I guess she is, could have been 8am. But 9:15 still means I leave my house at 6am. Have I mentioned I'm not a morning person?

I think the biggest difference this time is that I won't be doing Estrogen shots. At first I was pretty bummed, that shit is like crack, or the fountain of youth or something. I swear once I started those shots I felt better than I had in ten years. But they put me on oral Estrogen this time. Three times a day. The NC said that if I talk to my regular doctor about taking Estrogen after the pregnancy (you know, because it seriously alleviated my fibro symptoms) the pills were what they would put me on. Guess we'll see how they work. So no intramuscular injections until I start the Progesterone shots a week before transfer. I guess less needle is a good thing.

So I'm still just hanging out, but things are definitely finally moving. I'm excited to start the process again and get going.

And my grandbabies and pregnant daughter will be here in about 5 weeks. Woot woot!


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