Saturday, March 21, 2015

Moving forward quickly...

It's quite possible I'm the worst blogger ever, in the history of blogging. I can't believe it's been so long since my last post!! So here goes the catching up... stay with me here...

I went in for my fluid ultrasound and was shocked to find out I had polyps. I have never had polyps before, like ever. The RE said they were most likely due to the meds from last cycle and made an appointment for the following week, March 9th for me to come back and have them removed. I was not exactly the happiest of campers. I loathe surgery. I hate anesthesia, hate being out of control, just panic about it. But my IM offered to drive me down the day of the surgery and so off we went. Everything went well, and I actually loved the anesthesiologist and his nurse, was only out for ten minutes, and came around really quickly. Mainly because I fight to shake it off like you wouldn't believe. Did I mention I have control issues?

Anyway, the surgery was not painful. I had some light cramping and was exhausted the next day. Unfortunately, I haven't felt well since. (TMI alert) Lots of tummy issues. I can't imagine it's from the surgery, probably just coincidence, but I've had cramps, and lots of loose BMs, lots of gas. Pretty annoying stuff. I suppose it could be side effects of either the Lupron I started on the 14th of this month, or the steroids I started the same day. But I didn't notice any of that the first cycle.

I stopped BCPs on Wednesday, and have my baseline ultrasound and estrogen check on Monday. Fingers crossed we're good to go and I can start my Estrace that day. Then back in on April 3rd for a lining check to be sure we're good for transfer the week of the twelfth.

I'm so excited that we're getting close, but sort of bummed that I'm not feeling as well as I was the first go around. I know a lot of it is stress. My oldest son, the one with autism, was very ill the last two weeks and the stress of him being ill, and the guilt of not being able to be with him round the clock took it's toll. Then my 31 week pregnant daughter and my grandsons (3 & 17 months) moved in while her husband is doing some training with the AF. They'll be here until after she delivers. And while I am super thrilled to have them here (I LOVE those babies), it's a bit of an adjustment.

And I'm not sleeping much at all. It started when I severely sprained my ankle three weeks ago (I'm on week three of six in a plastic splint) and I haven't had a decent night's sleep since. I'm sure the meds are not helping. I'm really holding out for this estrogen to work miracles the way it did last cycle. Fingers crossed.

I want to be relaxed, and feeling healthy come transfer day. So good that those two fresh embies are going to want to hang around for about 9 months...

♥ Spot