Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Almost there...

Yesterday I had a lining check ultrasound and more blood work. The doctor said she wanted my lining to be around a 9. When she checked, I was up to 12.5 and triple striped. Go uterus! It's nice and fluffy in there and should be ready to receive the embryos on the 20th. My estrogen level was at 415 and they'd like that a little higher so she increased the dosage for my shots. Other than that my meds schedule stayed the same for this week.

I received my intralipid infusion to help combat the natural killer cells so they don't target the embryos. It was no big deal, just supremely boring. And the gurney had no padding so my butt hurt pretty bad. Lol.

This means we are a total go for the transfer on the 20th and I'm super excited. And nervous. Not about the procedure, just about whether it works or not. I know how devastated my IPs will be if it doesn't, and I know I will be too.

Until the meds change there's not much else to do except continue quietly building lining and estrogen levels. Luckily, I'm still not seeing any side effects from the meds. We'll see if that continues once they add the dreaded progesterone.

In other news, I woke up congested and coughing. I see a nap in my future...


PS- did I mention how excited I am for all this??


  1. Just wanted to let you know I am reading, and keeping my fingers crossed for you! With love from the Laughing Maya lunch companion ;)

  2. Thanks! I appreciate the support. :) And hopefully I can give you plenty to laugh about. We should do lunch soon though!

  3. I tried posting the other day but I dont think it went through!!!

    So excited for you!!! Are they putting in one or two? praying for a super sticky baby!!!!!!


  4. Thanks, Julie! We are hoping to transfer two. My IPs are using frozen donor eggs and it's the clinic's first time using them. The egg bank is actually flying in a specialist to oversee the thawing. Hoping to have at least two good embryos to transfer.